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Design ethnography for shifting temporalities

This project explores new ways to integrate early-stage design research with ethnography in order to better understand and design for how people think about, use, and (maybe) 'manage' their time using emerging digital technologies.

Feats, Faiths, Futures: Technology & Hope in the Caribbean

This is an ethnographic study of how smartphones and internet services are being produced and re-interpreted by the makers, translators, and adopters of these technologies in Jamaica. Second sentence.

How We Became Modern

Through ethnographic and historical analysis of social changes brought about since the 1940's in a small Newfoundland fishing village by new infrastructures from elecitricity to Facebook, this project explores how ideas of what counts as 'modern' are contested, established and enforced, what it feels like to become 'modern,' what is gained and lost through modernization, and the role that technological infrastructure plays in it.

Information Technology in the Icelandic Fishery

How does one go from viewing fish and other marine wildlife as an entity beyond human control, a “gift from God,” to an entity that is a statistical certainty to be manipulated, modeled and managed?

Making Data Work

This project analyzes how data scientists approach, organize, analyze, and visualize the world with and through data structures, computational algorithms, and statistical techniques.

Previous Projects

Losing It

How do personal informatics and self-tracking tools incorporate, and contribute to, the shifting political meaning and importance of our health and our bodies?